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The Movement for Climbers Academy is a 100% online program where I work with a select group of clients 1-on-1.

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What our members are saying

Working with Siawn has been truly transformative. His expertise, passion and dedication have helped me elevate my climbing and my mindset. The personalized training plans and movement analysis have helped me tackle harder problems and improve my climbing in the short time I’ve been in the sport.

Brett Lang, 43

System Administrator, Burbank CA

The MFC academy enabled me to go deeper into my climbing thanks to a personalized training plan, a community to learn with and the detailed video-analysis by Siawn. I particularly enjoy Siawn's holistic insights into climbing. I am flashing higher grades and becoming better and stronger.

Arkan Akin, 34

Entrepreneur, Switzerland

How it works

First - ask yourself, "Am I the right fit?"

The Academy is more than just coaching - you will experience (and become a part of) a community of climbers dedicated to improving themselves, and each other.
Climbers of all skill levels are welcome.

The Academy is for you if:

1. You're motivated to send harder grades

2. You're coachable

3. You want to have more fun climbing

4. You enjoy helping others to improve

If this sounds like you:

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If you look like a good fit from your application, you’ll be invited to the 2nd stage of selection - a free Zoom coaching session ($150 value).

In this free coaching session, you''ll receive actionable feedback to improve your climbing you can implement straight away.

You'll get to see how the Academy works before making any commitment.

Inside the Academy

1. When you join, the first step is to define your goals together - what do you visualize as your dream outcome?

2. Then, you’ll perform a full technique and fitness assessment together with me. This will create your starting baseline.

3. From there I’ll create a tailored training program for you, based on your assessment result, goals, wants and needs. A full plan to get from your baseline to your goal.

4. Now the fun begins. I’ll onboard you into my unique online coaching methodology. You’ll have 24/7 access to me as we work towards your goals.

5. Send me videos of your climbing through the app, and receive feedback as much as you want.

6. Additionally, you’ll have several group check-in Zoom sessions a week to choose from: ranging from live coaching to topical webinars.

7. Regularly tracked metrics will reveal your progress, and guide any necessary changes to your training program.

•  Minimum program length is 3 months - I work with clients long term.

•  No shortcuts. Consistency, accountability, and a real plan.

•  We reach your goals together.

Because I can only take on a limited amount of clients whilst maintaining a high standard of coaching, it’s important to be selective and find clients who are:

• Motivated

• Coachable

If this sounds like you, apply now.

It’s better than in-person coaching - sound to good to be true? Apply and try it out for free.

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What top climbers say:

Siawn is a outstanding coach!
He is passionate about climbing which makes him curious and always excited to learn more. Siawn is great at explaining the mechanics of climbing movement in a way that is easily understood and quickly applicable to your climbing. He is also good at explaining climbing in many different ways in order to work with many different types of people, he can be analytical or visual depending on your learning style.

Siawn helps clients understand what their body needs to be doing on the wall and most importantly, the why your body needs to do that. I consistently recommend him to climbers looking to achieve their next level.”

Shena Lockwood

Former USA National Climbing Team

Robyn Ragins

Finalist on HBO’s The Climb

Climbing is an incredibly complex task, and can be equally complex to teach! You want to work with someone who is patient and cares. Siawn is such an awesome coach to work with, not only for his personality, but he is also extremely attentive to movement detail and can communicate body patterns very well. If you want real discoveries and progression, consider Siawn for your coaching!

Shena Lockwood

Former USA National Climbing Team

Tim Kang - Pro Climber

Black Diamond Sponsored Athlete. Team USA 2021

Siawn is a fantastic coach. His background in calisthenics and eye for detail in climbing movement and technique have been instrumental in helping our athletes progress. Siawn’s knowledgeable yet patient approach to coaching has helped our athletes to improve their climbing performance, increase their mental awareness and problem solving, and foster confidence in themselves. Siawn’s multidisciplinary coaching skillset allows for a more well rounded understanding of each athletes’ needs from beginner to expert and weight room to climbing wall. As a lifelong learner, Siawn offers a unique lense into understanding your own climbing and movement while still remaining playful in practice.

Shena Lockwood

Former USA National Climbing Team

Palmer Larsen - Pro Climber

Head Coach of Team Momentum. Team USA

I love climbing with Siawn. He's grace and beauty in motion, every movement flowing into the next with perfect calm and control.

Climbing with him is humbling and inspiring all in one. He's a technician, precise, meticulous. He has great footwork, great beta, and a great sense of what will work and what won't to get through a tough section.

He's in tune with himself and keeps a positive attitude about moving forward and figuring better ways to do things rather than fall into frustration or self doubt.

Shena Lockwood

Former USA National Climbing Team

Shena Lockwood

Former USA National Climbing Team