From non-climber to coach - as an adult.

I'm not a guru.

Nor have I found a special “secret” to skip V grades..

I have improved both as an athlete and a coach faster than the norm, and the way I got here has been a ‘unique’ journey to say the least.

Now it’s my passion to help others do the same.

To not only help climbers improve fast - but to make them a more competent and assured person - who also happens to climb well.
How do I do this?: By honing lesson’s I learned outside of climbing…

In a short amount if time, I’ve:
1. coached youth athletes to a national level,
2. built a Youtube channel that’s helped millions of climbers,
3. all whilst improving my own climbing ‘unusually’ fast.

To explain: we have to rewind a few decades…

I may not be the most talented athlete.
Or the smartest guy in the room.
But I've always been tenacious.

As a child, I was full of never-ending energy.
I would throw myself at various activities and sports for hours.
Always seeking excellence.

Yet, I was missing proper guidance.
I lacked the focused direction that some people have intuitively.
Or that others receive from a coach.

An absence of natural talent prevented me from achieving my goals on my own.
Little did I know that these early frustrations would shape my life.

In the decades before my climbing journey began,
I delved into a multitude of sports and academia.

From breaking (break dancing) to billiards,
surfing to piano,
acrobatics to capoeira (a martial art),
and many more.

After thousands of hours of throwing myself at each pursuit,
I learned invaluable lesson’s.

Years at the billiards table gave me a sharp eye for patterns.
I recognised clusters across countless arrangements.

From my piano playing days, I learned the power of a strategic approach.
First, approach complex chords individually, then tie them together.

Surfing and capoeira revealed I was strong, but stiff as a board.
I learned the importance of suppleness. Of moving with grace.

This went on for years, learning lessons across many more pursuits.
But there was still something missing.

Each pursuit, offered a lesson.
A learning that would eventually contribute to my climbing journey.

However when I started climbing, they were only lessons in their own right.
A narrow lesson in that particular pursuit.

My first week of climbing

I was becoming more obsessed with climbing.
But unknowingly, I was still missing the final piece that would skyrocket my progress.
Despite all these lessons, I still lacked the ability to direct my focus.
The ability to combine these learnings into something greater.

Searching to fill the void, I began to look inward.

I realised,
I had not trained my mind.
I was still that young kid.
All energy,
No direction.

I had to become my own guide.

My training began to extended beyond the physical, and into the mental.

I eagerly began devouring the wisdom and philosophy of renowned authors.
Think Miyamoto Musashi, Bruce Lee, Dan Millman and countless more.

Through their works, I learned about the principles of:
mental toughness,
And more.

I learned that sometimes letting go of control,
is having control.

I explored these concepts personally and openly - From my own practice, to centre stage:

These principals became integral, to not only my climbing, but also to my broader life.

Then -
at the risk of sounding like a cult leader origin moment -
I gradually began to feel ‘it’.

The incredible feeling of satori, or enlightenment.
When you become aware of the connection between the passions you pursue.

I have always believed that sports are more than just physical activities.
They are avenues for building character, instilling life lessons, and fostering self-belief.

Yet this,
this was something different…
This was a different Way.

As I trained my mind, I discovered new connections and insights from my ‘past lives’.
Which in turn reinforced my passion for the climbing.

At the time had just started coaching;
And I was realising,
my skills and knowledge from other disciplines was directly applicable.

I began to understand climbing through the lens of my previous pursuits, and their lessons.

Recognizing cluster patterns in billiards translated into seeing hold patterns on the wall.
I could visualise the physical movements of a climb with high accuracy.
I began understanding problems before attempting them.
I was no longer going in blind.

Strategically addressing the cruxes (hardest parts) as their own sequences.
Then refining the transitions between each section.

I was no longer intimidated by routes in their entirety.
My years of piano gave the ability to break down challenging routes into sections.

Surfing and capoeira taught me the suppleness required in climbing.
The ability to move from hold-to-hold with no more effort than required.
I began linking moves with precision and riding the momentum.

This helped me blow through my first climbing ‘plateau’.

Now, the following may sound silly.

“Drawing from these seemingly unrelated disciplines to improve my climbing felt like taking a blindfold off for the first time.”

I felt as though I was seeing ‘The Way’, spoken of by Miyamoto Musashi.

I realized that the youth team I was coaching were in the same position I was at their age.
Energizer bunnies in need of guidance.

It was almost like time traveling for me.
I instilled the knowledge and wisdom I gained over my years into these young minds.

I was helping them find piece together their own path.
Being the guide I had once so desperately needed.

With passion, dedication, and a different perspective, I help hone these talented climbers direct their focus.
Several have achieved national-level recognition.

But what if you’re more like me?
If you started climbing as an adult like myself, you may feel as I did.
You may wish you’d found climbing earlier.

“If only I’d started as a kid, how good would I be?…”, anyone 20 years and older might say.
Especially while watching the literal monkeys that make up the national youth climbers I coach.

But what if, your life experience is your advantage?

I’m not saying that you can be national champion by re-channeling the elite hop-scotch skills you acquired in grade school.

What I’m saying is that you can do what most struggle with.

You can:

1. Improve faster,

2. Avoid plateaus,

(and most importantly)

3. Have more fun on the wall,

by approaching climbing through the lens of your own life experience.

The way I approach coaching doesn’t stop at drills, techniques and fitness…

I try to help my help my students find their own ‘Way’.
To see that, often, you’ve already lived your own answer.

As Miyamoto Musashi wisely said,

"If you know ‘The Way’ broadly, you will see it in all things."

This is how Movement For Climbers was born.

The name "Movement For Climbers" represents my vision.

Coaching that demonstrates how techniques & movements from diverse physical, academic, and philosophical disciplines can accelerate a climbers improvement.

Climbing coaching that aims to facilitate ‘The Way’.
Satori in action.

By default,
I’ve tested this method on myself since day one.

I want share my method;
And help people skip the hurdles I encountered along the way.

I’ve done this with my athletes, clients, and millions more through my YouTube channel.

Over the past 5 years I’ve received an overwhelming positive response (of which I am truely grateful for).

I’m the "youngest" coach on the staff at my local gym (in terms of climbing experience).

Yet I bring a treasure trove of applicable knowledge from other disciplines to the table.

“Today, I see climbing not only as my livelyhood -or a way to stay fit and challenge myself -but as a means to live a more examined life.I hope to help others do the same.”

My coaching style is crafted from the sum of all my pursuits and experiences.
I have expertise in climbing, but take inspiration from many other sources.
I don’t coach only to help my student better climber.
I coach to help my student emerge a more competent, assured person, who also happens to climb well.

With my Membership Platform - Movement For Climbers, my aim is to help members find their own Satori through climbing.
To help students decode climbing through the lens of their own life experiences.

To feel those “Ah-ha” moments -
where it all makes sense -
more often.

It’s the coaching resource I wish I had when I started.
For those who didn’t grow up climbing, like me.

If this resonates with you.
If this is type of Movement you’d like to be apart of.
If you think there’s more to your improvement than the wall in front of you -
Join Movement for Climbers.

Every month I release 3-4 new pieces of coaching material to members.
New content is based on what the Movement for Climbers community wants to learn and the latest concepts I’ve uncovered.

Take advantage of a 7-day free trial and see if its right for you.
If you join, I appreciate the opportunity you give me -
The opportunity to help you improve, avoid plateaus, and have more fun on the wall.
The opportunity to help you find your ‘Way’.

If not,
I hope reading this has inspired you to see climbing from a different perspective.
Through the lens of your own rich life.

I look forward to hearing from you in the community (I’m in there everyday).

Move Better, Climb Harder

Siawn Ou
Founder, Movement For Climbers

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